Denis Roy
Contemporary artist
Dream weaver

Born in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield at a young a age i started to draw which led for instance to coals and dry pastels. I start painting in the beginning the 80's following trips to Europe. France Italy, Paris , La Provence, Florence, Venice all stimulated my interst for painting and i pursued with Art and Art history courses at the university of Québec at Montreal. Influenced by Québec automatists, the lyric abstract from Europe and America, my style is a combination of both this currents.

Landscape painting or atmospheric painting? I do not distinguish between an outside reality and my internal thought, for me nature is taken as a whole. Nature lover, Denis Roy shares time between his workshop in Vaudreuil and the Laurentian's where he practices hiking, cycling and snowshoeing.When he needs to immerse himself in nature it is in Val David in the magnificent Mont-Tremblant park that he nourishes his artistic needs near the Iroquois Falls, Diable river, Tremblant Lakes, Mercier or Ouimet. He has been practicing his art for approximately 20 years now.

     Un certain moment (détail 1)

Un certain moment, détail-1
Living colors

The different color element merge, question, interpenetrate to form at times a magma or osmosis where forms emerge. Perpetual mouvement dynamic,contrasts and unions implying living matters.

     Un certain moment (détail 2)

Rythmic harmony

The rythmic breathe is what structures and deeply animates the work in depth and makes it radiat.The rythm’s goal with is counterpoints and repercussions is important to leave a space in the work in order for it to breathe.

     Un certain moment

Image beyond image.

It si not without difficulty that the work suggests rather than present itself.The work can be dramatic, dense, ethereal, which allows a halo of light or darkness of mystery, image beyond image. Break on through to the other side where we are invaded by natur and where we dissolve in her.

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Main exhibitions
  • 2015- Symposium des arts Drummondville

  • 2014- Exposition Galerie Linart, Cantley Gatineau

  • 2014- Symposium des Arts de Drummondville

  • 2013- Symposium de Gatineau en couleurs

  • 2013- Symposium Plaines Couleurs, Québec, Plaines D’Abraham

  • 2013- Exposium des Galeries St-Hyacinthe

  • 2013- Exposition solo: Resto l'Ange à Salaberry-de-Valleyfield
               Sur la terre comme au ciel

  • 2013- Symposium des Arts de Drummondville

  • 2012- Symposium Plaines Couleurs, Québec, Plaines D’Abraham

  • 2012- 15ème Symposium d'art visuel du Parc Des Chenaux

  • 2012- Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir, 17ème édition

  •            Performance en public, grande fresque de nuit sur
               Avenue Mont-Royal- 45 artistes

  • 2011- Maison Trestler Vaudreuil-Dorion, Exposition solo

  • 2011- Nuit Blanche sur Tableau Noir, 16ème édition

  •            Performance en public, grande fresque de nuit sur
               Avenue Mont-Royal- 45 artistes

  • 2010- L’espace contemporain, galerie d’art, Québec

  •            Abstractions et gestuelles- Exposition de groupe 15 artistes

  • 2010- Symposium Plaines Couleurs, Québec, Plaines D’Abraham

  • 2004- Écomusée-Des-Deux-Rives, Valleyfield, Qc
               L’industrie et des hommes.Installation peinture et lumière
                5 artistes-5 visions

  • From 1992 to date, I have participated in many contests and symposiums in the General Montreal area and else where in the province.
    My work can be found in various private collections as well as corporate.